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Infecting an Audience:Why Great Stories Spread

Why Great Stories Spread

The unique power stories have to change minds

Stories have a unique ability to infect minds with ideas and attitudes that spread contagiously. The better the art, the stronger the infection--the more stealthily it works around whatever immunities we possess and plants the virus.

The story is a natural vehicle for conveying ideas, values, and vision. That’s what all the action in a story is for: the delivery vehicle for the teller’s message.

A Story is the thing that sneaks the infection past our immunities, past our resistance; then turns us into hosts who spread the infection through our social networks and help create epidemics.

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Time to Rewrite the laws of physic

Time to Rewrite the laws of physics

Mainstream physics basically eliminates time as a fundamental aspect of nature.

Kundalini Yoga

Impact of The Science of Kundalini Yoga

The Deep Impact of the Science of Kundalini Yoga.

genetically modified foods

Genetically modified foods

World Food Prize supported genetically modified crops.
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