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Art imitates life

Life is not a straight line, one-dimensional, one flavor, or one feeling experience.

As soon as you find ourselves meeting a little bit of resistance towards your personal, creative, or career objectives, you can get sucked into the downward spiral thinking that often only makes it worse and keeps you stuck for longer.

The best way to stay connected to your center and grounded in the midst of all the fluctuation is to remain rooted in the knowing that everything is always changing all the time, including you.

The saying “what you resists persists” applies. I would add to that what you surrender to subsides and what you embrace is enhanced.

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Lucid Dreamers

Lucid Dreamers Fast Brainwave Frequencies

Lucid dreaming were the individual is aware that they are dreaming.

Liberate Yourself

Make Your Life More Like Burning Man

You can still be the person you liberated yourself to become.

Binaural Beats

How to Get “High” Without Drugs

Binaural Beats can be quite calming, relaxing and meditative.
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